Thursday, November 20, 2008

Asymptomatic solitary breast lump

43 years old female with breast lump discovered during routine physical by family doctor.
A well-defined, homogenous, hypoechoic mass with edge shadowing was noted on 2 o'clock 3cm from nipple of the left breast. The mass measuring 1.66 cm x 0.89 cm x 1.20cm. The margin is well-defined but the outline is lobulated. There is a thin halo around the lesion. No assocaited calcification. No peripheral or intralesional vascularity was noted. No other masses was detected.
Solitary left breast mass.
The presence of halo suggests that it is a benign mass such as Fibroadenoma.
However, considering the size (almost 2cm), single lesion and patient's age, further investigation is required.

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