Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uterine fibroid and Nabothian cyst

38 years old Malay women came for pelvic ultrasound scanning to rule out fibroid. A tender palpable mass was detected at the hypogastric region since four months ago and increasing of size was noted. There is no present of pelvic pain.Patient has no evident of dysuria and menorrhagia. Her menses was regular with LMP on 16/10/2008 and she has 3 children. No relevant previous history and family history known.

Ultrasound findings:
The uterus appeared anterverted with smooth border and was normal in echogenicity. There is a large heterogeneous mass (measuring 8.62cm x 7.75cm x 9.95cm) noted at the fundal region of the uterus. The mass has well-defined margis and Doppler showed internal vascular flows. The uterus was found to be slightly enlarged (measuring 11.69cm x 5.06cm x 9.62cm) due to the occurance of the mass. Endometrium was suboptimally seen.

A small Nabothian cyst was also noted at the cervical region (0.79cm x 0.43cm x 0.93cm).The left ovary (2.59cm x 1.64cm x 1.89cm,vol:4.2ml) and right ovary (3.4cm x 1.47cm x 2.5cm, vol:6.67ml) appeared normal bilaterally.

No abnormality noted at the adnexa region and POD. Both kidneys have no evidence of hydronephrosis.


A solitary large pelvis mass in the uterus consistent with fibroid.

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