Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to communicate with your foreign patients?

Taking chest x-ray in deep inspiration is vital to ensure we are not missing any pathology. However, most often there is a communication breakdown between the x-ray operator and the patient especially foreign workers.

We suggest the following:
Before taking the x-ray, spend a minute rehearsing with the patient breathing in, hold your breath and breath normally.
If the patient can't understand English, even better, use his own language.

Example: Breath in, Hold your breath & Breath out in various languages are as follows:-
Bangla: Nishas, Bondokoro & Nishas Saro
Vietnamese: hít một hơi dài, nín hơi, nín thở & lấy lại hơi
Tamil: Peria muchu, Muchu prichiko & Muchu wade
Hindi (Nepal): Sars lo, Sars bankaro & Sars choro
Mandarin: Shen hu xi, Bing xhu hu xi & Xian zhai ke yi hu xi
Myammar: Dong Wer, Giat & Tui luyati

If the worker still can't understand you, use numbers. 1 is for breath in, 2 is hold your breath and 3 breath out normally.
Demonstrate to him a few times.

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