Friday, December 12, 2008

Placental cyst

27years old G2P0A1 came for a follow up scan as placenta cyst was found in her first ultrasound scan. Her first pregnancy was aborted due to fetaal death at 30 weeks old.
Obstetrics Ultrasound Findings:
A viable singletone and intrauterine fetus was noted. Fetal presentation was cephalic. Placenta was in posterior position and os was clear. Normal heart rate measured at 157bpm. EFW: 687g. Single deepest pole amniotic fluid: 6.38 cm (within normal limit). Cystic lesion was observed in the right upper pole region of the placenta, measuring 3.35cm x 2.24 cm. Adequate liquor.
She was referred for follow up with a gynaecologist.

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