Saturday, March 14, 2009

Checking the Radiograph - what to look for?

1. Projection is as that requested

2. Identification
  • Correct name, see request form
  • Correct dept ID (Hospital information & Patient Number)
  • Date
  • Does it obscure any detail on the radiograph?
3. Markers
  • Has the correct marker been applied
  • Is it in the correct position?
  • Is it away from area of examination?

4. Area Under Examination
  • Limits of the examination superiorly, inferiorly and lateraly / medialy

5. Collimation
  • Does it include all the relevant information?

6. Projection
  • Is it the correct projection?
  • Patient position
  • Correct centring point

7. Image Quality
  • Is there sufficient density and penetration to visualise the required
  • bony and/or soft tissue structures?
  • Is there sufficient radiographic contrast to visualise the required
  • bony and/or soft tissue structures of interest?
  • Is there any unsharpness?

8. Could the image quality be improved?
  • How?
  • Are there any avoidable artefacts? If YES, what to do

9. Diagnostic Acceptability
  • Does this radiograph require a repeat?

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