Saturday, March 14, 2009

FEMUR – AP & Lateral

Patient lies supine on the table.
For AP, straightened both his legs by pulling both of them down slightly. The foot is in neutral position. Place a suitable size cassette below his thigh. No grid is used. The cassette may be placed longitudinally so that both the hip and knee joints are within the region x-rayed.
The central ray is perpendicular to the mid-femur (midway between the hip and knee joints). See cross mark in the image above.
For lateral view, turn the patient slightly by lifting his opposite buttock. The knee should be in lateral position making an angle of about 120 degrees. Again placed the cassette longitudinally so that both joints are within the area imaged. Centre at mid femur.
For radiation protection, place a lead apron over the patient's pelvis making sure the hip joint is not covered.
Exposure is about 60 kVp and 12 mAs.
FFD is 100 cm.

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