Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to do x-ray of the foot?

Patient lies supine on the table.
For AP, flex the knee so that the foot lies flat on the table. Place a 10x12" cassette under the foot. You may split the cassette into 2 to accomodate both views on 1 film. Don't forget to put your side marker as well. No grid is used.
The central ray is perpendicular to the cuboid/navicular region or base of 3rd metatarsal. See cross mark in the image above.
For oblique view (not lateral), turn the knee inwards so that the lateral side of the foot is elevated. Centre at the same position i.e base of 3rd metatarsal.
Exposure for both AP & oblique is about 52 kVp and 2.5 mAs.
FFD is 100 cm.

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