Monday, November 30, 2009

Intra-Uterine Device Complication

A 33 year old lady was referred for ultrasound to look for intra-uterine device & confirmation of pregnnacy. She had IUCD inserted a year ago but has missed her period for the last 2 months. Urine pregnancy test was positive.
The referring doctor had examined her but couldnt locate the string in the cervical os.

Ultrasound showed a 7 week old intra-uterine fetus with normal heart beats. An echogenic object was located in the left hemi-pelvis outside the uterine wall.This is consistent with perforation - a known complication of IUCD insertion.

Perforation occurs approximately 1 in a 1000 insertions and is associated with improper insertion procedure. This may be related to the skill and experience of the inserter or an abnormally retroverted or posterior uterus.

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