Saturday, August 28, 2010

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN Guide for radiographers

Communication Breakdown: Tips on how to get good inspiratory film.

Taking chest x-ray in deep inspiration is vital to ensure we are not missing any pathology. However, most often there is a communication breakdown between the x-ray operator and the patient especially foreign workers.

We suggest the following:
Before taking the x-ray, spend a minute rehearsing with the patient breathing in, hold your breath and breath normally.
If the patient can’t understand English, use Bahasa or even better, his own language.

Breath in
Hold breath
Breath out
Nishas Saro
hít một hơi dài
nín hơi, nín thở
lấy lại hơi
Peria muchu
Muchu prichiko
Muchu wade
Hindi (Nepal)
Sars lo
Sars bankaro
Sars choro
Shen hu xi
Bing xhu hu xi
Xian zhai ke yi hu xi

If the worker still can’t understand you, use numbers. 1 is for breath in, 2 is hold your breath and 3 breath out normally. Demonstrate to him a few times.

Both these radiographs are of the same patient. The one on top, the inspiration is good but the one at the bottom the inspiration is not satisfactory. Which would you prefer?
Still unsure, call us.
Good Luck!


DR system said...

Thanks for the tips for radiographers with communication. I would like to add few more tips

The 5 Secret Keys to Radiography Test Success:

* Time is Your Greatest Enemy
* Guessing is Not Guesswork
* Practice Smarter, Not Harder
* Prepare, Don't Procrastinate
* Test Yourself

mumtaz4 said...

The Hindi word for breath in is SANS LO, for breath out it is sans chhoro,for hold breath sans roko or sans rok ke rakho

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