Monday, December 31, 2012

Unfit weekend warrior

There is a large area devoid of lung markings in the upper half of the right lung. This is consistent with a bullae.

Pulmonary bullae are focal regions of emphysema with thin or no discenible wall which measure more than 1cm in diameter. Some would use the term pulmonary bleb for a 1 - 2 cm lesion, whereas others would use the terms bleb and bulla interchangeably. They are often subpleural in location and are more often seen in the upper lobes. Within the bullae, there is no no visible blood vessels on conventional radiography.
Bullae tend to trap air and may become larger on expiration
In some cases bullae can be very large and result in compression of adjacent lung. When they are very large, the remaining lung is invisible, pancaked atop the hemidiaphragm,  this is called vanishing lung syndrome
May become infected or result in spontaneous pneumathoraces.
This gentleman should be warned of possible spontaneous pneumothorax during his football game!

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